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A thorough look at your connections

InphoniteVoice features an Administrator Client application for administration of the program. The Administrator Client contains all configuration points that affect operation of the program, and can be password protected to prevent unwanted changes. 

The Administrator Client installs on the computer running InphoniteVoice. It may also be installed on remote computers on the network, allowing for remote administration and eliminating the hassle of connecting to the main computer using a remote desktop connection.

The InphoniteVoice Administrator Client comes jam-packed with tools. You can:

  • Monitor activity on your phone lines
  • View highly detailed log files easily
  • Setup, configure, or change automated¬†data imports
  • View or query the InphoniteVoice database - or that of your scheduling system - without the need for third-party tools
  • Access Inphonite's online knowledgebase with a single click
  • Stop and start InphoniteVoice's processes
  • Allow Technical Support staff to remotely connect to your computer easily and quickly

In addition to these and other tools, the InphoniteVoice Administrator Client includes a Support Center. Using the Support Center, you can:

  • Create a Technical Support case right from your desktop.
  • See the status of your open cases, such as:
    • Escalated
    • Waiting on customer callback
    • Waiting on Development
  • View case notes entered by Inphonite Support Engineers or add your own.
  • Attach documents or images to a case (e.g. a screen capture of an error message).

The Administrator Client is your portal to power. Its yours with InphoniteVoice.