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Reseller Program

Your potential. Our passion.

Communication software solutions are one of the fastest growing segments of today's marketplace, and you can be a part of it.

For over 20 years, Inphonite has been the solution provider of choice for businesses, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, utility companies, government agencies and more. Inphonite's time-saving telephony products make powerful communications efficient and effective for you. Become a part of the growing network of dedicated individuals creating connections all over the continent. 

Find out more about becoming an Inphonite partner and grow your business with quality telephony products that provide an immediate return-on-investment. Our staff is knowledgeable, committed and ready to help you achieve high volume sales of expandable "in-demand" computer telephony tools.

Authorized Channel Partner

At Inphonite we believe the Channel Partner's success with our product is key to continued success of Inphonite. This is achieved by integrating with Partners to help increase their existing business revenue, expand into new markets and accelerate the acceptance of the Inphonite product line around the world. To support this business philosophy we offer membership into an exclusive partnership program. This comprehensive program is designed to benefit all of Inphonite's various Partner types. It offers technical, marketing and business benefits that are designed to help Partners grow their businesses. This program also provides a wealth of technical and marketing expertise to assist with Inphonite product awareness. This program is global in scope and applies to all Channel Partners.

Platinum Partner level is automatic for any PMS, EMR or EHR that partners with Inphonite and offers the greatest profit level for our partners. Any other potential partner can become a platinum partner, but there is a sales commitment to maintain this level.

Gold and Silver Partners are IT Companies, consultants, software representatives, and hardware vendors who promote and sell Inphonite products to their clients. The difference between the Gold and Silver levels reflects the sales commitment level made to Inphonite.

Referral Partners  are generally consultants, lecturers, and Inphonite users who refer prospective buyers on a regular basis.