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How an Automated IVR System Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

How can Appointment Reminders Benefit Your Medical Practice?


In this white paper, I will explain the basic details of how an appointment reminder system could benefit your practice and save you time and money.

Problem Statement

As a business you need your patients to remember their appointments. Rarely will a day go by for most doctors that every scheduled patient arrives, on time, at the correct location, with the correct documents and ready for their appointment.

Previous Options

In the past, one of the ways to fight the ever-occurring “no show” was to overbook, scheduling several appointments for the same time, which in turn made for longer wait times and more frustrated patients. The other way doctors tried to keep the calendar full and the day running smoothly, was with reminders. The task of reminders generally fell to whomever was at the front desk. These typically overworked employees busily scribbled down date and time information on the backs of business cards that were sometimes incorrect, or lost by the patients anyway. Additionally, doctors really on top of things would have their same staff, or in some cases, the doctors themselves contacting atients the day or night before an appointment to remind them to come in.

The Inphonite Solution

These previous options lead way to the future, brought forth via technology, which gave us reminder calling systems, which leave very basic messages. Technology is changing again however, and as we all struggle to keep our appointments we find ourselves and our employees even more overworked if we fall behind the times. The future demands change. Away with business card appointments, and out with overbooking. In with social networking, like Twitter and mobile SMS text messaging and e-mails. Bring on the software platforms that can be molded to each doctor’s specific needs.

We at Inphonite are looking to that future and meeting it head on. We offer these kinds of reminders and features and we are aware of the benefits they can bring you.

Benefit 1

Save Money.

Saving Money is the number one benefit to any automated reminder system. Inphonite’s InphoniteVoice will put money back in your pocket. Less staff time on the phone means less overhead. More people showing up to their appointments means more insurance dollars, more co-pays, and more private pays. With the way insurance companies are constantly lowering the U&C rates for services, doctors need to see more patients just to make ends meet. Gone are the days when doctors were at the top of the payroll scale, or so it seems with the help of the large insurance companies, unless you can keep your patients coming in. InphoniteVoice can help.

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