Things to Be Thankful For

As I walk up the stairs to my second floor office I can already smell the delicious mix of food that make up today’s pot luck. “Holiday Traditions” is the theme and I take a moment to reflect on the banana pudding I have in my hands and the years my dad and I made this together for Thanksgiving.  I acknowledge that I am lucky to have those memories and even more lucky to be able to share them with others.  When I open the door I am greeted with hellos and the smell of freshly baked ham and I know today is going to be a good day. 

As my coworkers surround the tables with full plates of food and share stories from the previous week, I sit in silence absorbing it all.  This time of year is a time to be thankful but I realize that I am thankful every time I am here to be surrounded by such amazing people every day. 

This year Inphonite had a fun game to play during the feast aptly named “Guess the Present.”  Ten diverse gifts were individually wrapped and placed on the table. Next, all Inphonite employees were to guess what each item was and the person that got the most details won all of the gifts.  Inphonite employee Mike won; having provided the most correct details about the gifts, including the exact image on a wrapped up shot glass and thus got to keep all of the items. In typical holiday spirit however, Mike chose to share the gifts among the runners-up, another thing I am thankful for as a peppermint candle sits on my desk reminding me that there are still so many good times to come.

But Thanksgiving isn’t just about being thankful for the things you have, it’s about giving to those in need as well, something Inphonite allows me to do every year.  Every year since I have been here we have done the “Adopt-a-family” program.  By adopting a family in need we all have the opportunity to play Santa and give a family the holiday they otherwise may not have had. Read about last year’s Adopt a family experience here.

Another way Inphonite is giving back this season is by helping out a local elementary school with their shoe drive. They are collecting gently used shoes to donate to local organizations around the city. A box placed down the hall quickly filled up with used shoes to donate.

There are so many different ways to give back to your community if you just take a moment to look.

On behalf of Inphonite I can sincerely say that this year would not have been half as lovely without all the comments and kudos of our customers, we thank you for your business and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.