Resolutions and Health Goals for the New Year

The New Year seems to come faster and faster every year. It seems as though we were just making resolutions for 2013 and here we are making new ones.  The trouble with New Year’s resolutions is, I can never seem to remember what they were when the year ends. However, there is one that is almost always on everyone’s list: getting and staying healthy. Did you live up to that resolution this year and even more, will you continue it this year?

Part of my resolution last year under the very general, “staying healthy” cliché, was to replace drinking coffee with tea.  Tea has a lot of health benefits and each different kind of tea has different specific perks. The antioxidants present in tea can help protect against cancers, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower risk of strokes, and lower cholesterol.  Oolong tea can even aid in weight loss.  Black tea has been my favorite this year because the caffeine provides enough energy to get me through the day without feeling the crash of coffee caffeine.  So, after reading this, maybe when you reach for another cup of coffee this year, you too, might consider tea.

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Another resolution I made last year was to start biking more. It is such an easy way to exercise.  You can reach destinations, or just breathe in the fresh air and take in the sites while increasing muscle tone, burning calories, building stamina and even helping out the environment.  Don’t forget to be safe however. Always wear a helmet and have a flashlight and a backlight when riding at night. I hope to continue to increase bike riding in the upcoming year.

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Staying healthy doesn’t always mean exercise and eating right. While these are crucial parts of living a healthy lifestyle there are other aspects.  I really enjoy’s list of the healthiest resolutions because it lists all aspects of health. Keeping touch with old friends, saving money, reducing stress, learning, travelling, all of these things adding up to personal health.,,20452233,00.html 

Resolutions are hard. They seem so easy in the beginning. Starting tomorrow I will count calories and exercise for an hour a day, but then the initial drive fades and by the end of the year we have completely forgotten what it was we promised ourselves we would do. So my advice is to start slow, think of some basic goals for the year but one solid one you want to start working on now.  The important thing is to make these changes into habits instead of goals, if you make weight loss a goal it means once this goal is reached you might stop the changes you made. If you make it a habit however, the benefits will last longer and become part of your daily life.  

Good luck with your resolutions and have a happy New Year from all of us at Inphonite.