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Holiday Handling with InphoniteVoice

Holidays can sometimes pose a problem when you're using an automated reminder system. Do you have to change the number of days to call ahead of your appointments in order to accommodate for the holiday? And then remember to change it back after the holiday? If you have had to do this in the past, I have some good news for you.

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InphoniteVoice Feature of the Week: InphoniteVoice Multiple Import Support

InphoniteVoice makes it easy to import contact and appointment data from multiple sources simultaneously. This is very valuable, for example, in an organization that utilizes multiple scheduling systems as a result of a merger or acquisition. Multiple simultaneous imports are also useful for a healthcare practice with multiple locations where one location wants to send reminder calls two days in advance and another location wants to send reminder calls two weeks in advance as well as one day in advance. 

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InphoniteVoice Feature of the Week: Record Initial Connection

InphoniteVoice provides an excellent troubleshooting tool. Record Initial Connection allows you to record an outbound telephone call from the initial dial tone, through playing the touch tones (DTMF) of the dialing string, to the connection of the phone call. This recording is saved as an audio (.wav) file.

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