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Preventing Data Corruption

Each table stores different kind of information. But a table is just a file, and it can become damaged. If a table is damaged, the function it applies to can become unusable. For example, a common error is related to the Callfile - a table used to store call session information when a session is generated. If this table is damaged, you will receive an error when attempting to generate a call session. Clearly, corruption like this can be quite an inconvenience, and should be avoided if possible.

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Restarting the Computer Helps Keep ReminderPro Running Well

In our daily Support activities, we have found that sometimes odd behavior can crop up. Such things might include an inability to record messages, or even open the Message Maker. They could include the program hanging when a call session is generated, or when modifying settings in the System Setup screen within ReminderPro. These things might be easier resolved than they are explained.

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