Exceeding Expectations: The Bonsai Collection at Elandan Gardens

Elandan Gardens is located just off Highway 16 near Port Orchard, Washington.  The six-acre site that is now Elandan Gardens was once only a landfill created on the shores of the Puget Sound in the 1930's.  In 1993, the Robinson family brought in 30,000 cubic yards of sandy fill dirt and 800 tons of boulders to begin the creation of these impressive gardens.

Owner Dan Robinson has been called, "the Picasso of Bonsai" as well as, "the Father of The American School of Bonsai". Today Elandan Gardens provides a spectacular display of flora as well as silvery dead wood, lichen-covered stone, waterfalls, and a pond.  This setting provides the perfect backdrop for Dan's world-renowned bonsai collection.  

During my visits, Elandan Gardens has never failed to exceed expectations:

  • Each bonsai tree is a living object lesson that overcoming adverse conditions can result in stunning beauty.
  • Dan is not afraid to challenge traditions in the pursuit of artistic creation.  He even introduced the use of power tools to the art of Bonsai.
  • Although he clearly has a vision and plenty to do, Dan is always willing to take a moment to speak with you personally and answer your questions.

Dan has a passion for nature and the art of bonsai.  That passion had its genesis in Korea almost five decades ago when he began collecting Black Pine seeds. Elandan Gardens shows us what can result when one shares one's passion with the world.