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Hurricane Odile: An Exercise in Emergency Preparations

Last week, Tucson was faced with news of an oncoming storm caused by the approaching hurricane, Hurricane Odile. The hurricane was predicted to cause severe flooding issueswithin the city due to the extreme excess of rain, a rain that a desert town is not usually prepared for.  In response to this threat the city took no chances: schools were closed, sandbags were provided and the community was warned to prepare for “72 hours of distress.”

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When to Use InphoniteVoice for Emergency or Blast Notifications - Unexcused Student Absences

As an office clerk of a local school you have a lot of kids to keep track of. Once the teachers turn in their attendance notes, you need to call all the parents that haven't already called in and let them know their child is absent. If you reach them, you need to ask if their child is home sick or has a valid excuse for being out. If you don't reach them, you may need to call another number, or series of numbers and leave several messages.

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Value of Hosting an Emergency Notification System in the Cloud

A Port Townsend, WA middle school recently faced a sudden closure due to a blown transformer. As a result of the lack of power, the school district's phone tree online notification system failed to deliver phone message alerts. Further, the backup system at the central office also failed. To the best of my knowledge, no one was harmed.

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