Customer Spotlight: Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Services

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This quarter we are continuing our customer spotlight series with Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Services. They have been providing patients in Syracuse, New York with OB/Gyn and Midwifery services for many years. I spoke with Kristina Barslou, the Practice Manager, to find out more about her and the practice. 

Hello Kristi! Can you tell me about your practice and your specialties?

We are Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Services. We serve adults with mental health and substance abuse. Currently, we are in 14 counties in central Iowa and have 14 programs, primarily for the adult population. We even offer residential homes where individuals live and learn daily living skills like cooking, cleaning, etc.

Is there anything that you feel sets your facility apart from others in the same specialty?

We do just about anything as far as mental health and substance abuse goes, and if we can’t then we can work with you on getting those services set up. So maybe it’s not even us that helps with the physical health needs, but we coordinate care all over central Iowa.

How long have you been in business?

We’ll be celebrating 50 years in the Polk County area this October.

What is your role at the practice?

I am our Access & Analytics Team Lead. Our team is a one-stop shop for referral sources. With mental health there are a lot of different caveats that you need to have regarding funding and diagnoses, and my access team takes care of all of that. I also manage all of the data for the agency, I’m a member of our Compliance Team, head of our Safety Department and I manage our Electronic Health Records.

What is your favorite part of your job or the best part of your day?

There are two things. One, is all the different hats I get to wear; I never get bored. The other thing is seeing how much of an impact we have made in people’s lives. We’ve been very lucky we’ve gotten to see that, and that makes us smile.

What are you most passionate about?

I am really passionate about getting people the help that they need. We have such a wide range of individuals that we serve, but for some of these individuals we are their last and only hope. I’m very passionate about such a vulnerable population because of the need. I firmly believe we do such great work that I just want to tell everyone!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a sports nut. I love watching sports, college football, major league baseball, college basketball. I love spending time with my husband and two young children, who are 6 and 3 and as active as can be, but I love doing that. So, those are my two things that I enjoy once I take off the work hat.

What is one thing that you wished your customers and patients knew either about yourself, or your practice?

We can only go so quickly. Our hands are tied, funding takes time, and the approval process takes time. We are here to help, and some things are out of our control and we will need your (our patients’) help too. We’re about integrating you back into the community, so it’s a partnership and we have to do this together.

What do you like most about using InphoniteVoice?

A couple of different things:

  • The ability to utilize staff time better and be able to text has been huge—especially for the population we serve, a lot of our individuals run out of minutes on their phones part way through the month, but they all have texting plans.
  • The reporting capabilities: the ability to see how many calls or texts we sent, who we got a hold of, and who we didn’t reach.
  • Also, another one while I’m sitting here thinking, is the ability to customize. Having multiple locations under one account for InphoniteVoice is outstanding.

That is great to hear because that is what we are aiming for—doing what you need and making your lives and the lives of your patients easier.

We have had nothing but positive things to say and would recommend you to anyone who is looking for this service. It’s been fabulous and the response and customer service that I have received has been top-notch.