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Inphonite Releases Roll Up 10 for InphoniteVoice 7 SaaS

Inphonite updates InphoniteVoice SaaS once again, allowing current customers the chance to try out the new Hybrid Dynamic Call Detection, InphoniteSecure, custom reporting and explore things like the new Provider management or the new schedule view with drag and drop functionality and color coding for message statuses. This is a huge update implementing the completely new sleek look of InphoniteVoice.

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Inphonite Releases Roll Up 9 for InphoniteVoice 7 SaaS

Inphonite releases updates to SaaS, including several improvements to the Startup Wizard and multiple style updates within the import/export tool. Further additions include a new report format for enterprise customers and the ability to recreate a reminder quickly when needed. Inphonite also added a new more secure, private URL shortener to save character space, which is important when trying to send limited character reminders, such as text messages.

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Inphonite Releases Roll Up 7 for InphoniteVoice 7 SaaS

Inphonite releases updates to InphoniteVoice SaaS for the holidays including highly focusing on SMS Texting improvements. Long awaited text applications will be supported using Inphonite SaaS integration for on-premises customers, instead of third-party messaging. Different simple to use designing options for texting, the ability to track the status of a text, and a new texting Wizard with sample messages have all been added.

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