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Inphonite, LLC Announces Full Release of InphoniteVoice 7

Tucson, AZ, June 3, 2015 - Inphonite, LLC, the leading provider of medical appointment reminders today announced the official, immediate and general release of InphoniteVoice 7 (IV7), the latest version of its fully Automated IVR and Messaging System. InphoniteVoice 7 is built on the successful InphoniteVoice 2012 SaaS platform with privacy, security, and ease in functionality as the main ingredients.

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Inphonite Releases InphoniteVoice On-Premises Upgrade

Inphonite is thrilled to release the InphoniteVoice 7 On-Prem Upgrade to current customers. This product uses push notification upgrades included with the product for customers who maintain annual technical support contracts. InphoniteVoice 7 further offers a limited quantity of free text messaging per month, updated features and functions matching InphoniteVoice SaaS, including better call detection, more reporting options, schedule view, message previews, and more.

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Inphonite Announces InphoniteVoice 7 for SaaS

Tucson, AZ November 16, 2014 – Inphonite, LLC, the leading provider of on-premises and SaaS messaging solutions, today announced the official and immediate release of InphoniteVoice 7 (IV7) for SaaS. InphoniteVoice SaaS is a dynamically updated product and IV7 includes underlying updates to include call quality and overall system performance. This release is the first of several implemental changes to InphoniteVoice SaaS. The new preview version of InphoniteVoice SaaS client can be found here:  

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