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HIPAA: The Top 7 Questions

This whitepaper will discuss the relationship between the automated messaging system InphoniteVoice and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and will clarify the level of security and privacy that InphoniteVoice provides users in order to follow the  requirements set forth by HIPAA. This whitepaper will answer the following questions and more!

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The Why and How of Emergency or Blast Notifications

Emergency notifications are an important, albeit little thought of planning tool that will be helpful to have in place when the need arises. This whitepaper will highlight 7 emergency situations that you can use an appointment reminder system for. What are your procedures when you close your office due to inclement weather? Did you know an appointment reminder system can notify all of your patients quickly? Download this whitepaper to learn about this and 6 other important scenarios.

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InphoniteVoice: Reaching Out to Your Market

If you work with people, InphoniteVoice can help make your life easier. Whether you are sending appointment reminders, deliveries, or marketing campaigns, InphoniteVoice can automate that task for you, saving you both time and money while freeing up staff time for other jobs and still communicating to your clients that you care. In this whitepaper, we discuss how InphoniteVoice is being successfully used by companies of various industries to do these very things.

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