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SaaS Credits

What are SaaS credits?

SaaS credits are used by InphoniteVoice SaaS to deliver voice calls, texts, and emails. By using credits, we are able to break up your actual cost based on the type of message you send.

What's a completed voice message?

InphoniteVoice only charges for completed voice messages. We do not charge when the call is busy, no answer, etc. Once a call is connected, InphoniteVoice charges 1 credit per 2 minutes of the call. Most notifications delivered by InphoniteVoice are less than 2 minutes, so even if InphoniteVoice had to try 3 times to deliver the voice message, the voice call will only cost you 1 credit.

My reminders were incorrect. Will my credits be refunded?

If for any reason we do experience an outage of our services, call credits for paid users will be refunded to your account. However, there will be no compensation for Trial users. We also do not provide refunds for messages that were setup with improper contact information, including and not limited to area codes, phone numbers, email addresses, dates, times, or using the improper time zone or message preference. Please double check your calls/texts and understand that if you're sending out a call/text from a specified time zone, the call/text will be sent out at that time to ALL your callers and is not adjusted for each phone number's local time zone unless set up with separate location settings. Additionally, if using the mobile application of InphoniteVoice, Inphonite will not reimburse or refund any credits for any messages that were “butt-dialed” or accidentally selected to be sent.


Is IV compatible with my EMR?

InphoniteVoice has a flexible import/export module which allows us to quickly and easily integrate with most environments. We will work together with you to test your system and make sure it works before you pay anyything.

Does IV work with VoIP systems?

Yes. InphoniteVoice 7 can utilize your existing VoIP system for sending out voice calls. The program connects to your VoIP system the same way a softphone would, so if your system will allow a softphone to connect and make calls, InphoniteVoice can integrate with it.

Which wireless carriers does IV support?

We support making calls and sending text to all wireless carriers. Optional text-to-email functionality can be used to send text messages as well.


Can clients confirm or cancel their appointments whey they get a call?

Yes. With InphoniteVoice, your clients can press a key on their telephone keypad to confirm or cancel their appointment or perform other actions (e.g. transfer to an operator, repeat the message, leave you a return message, etc.)

Can patients confirm or cancel their appointments for email and text reminders?

Yes, they may. InphoniteVoice will allow your clients to respond by either clicking a link in the message, or by replying to the message with a keyword (e.g. "Confirm", "Reschedule", etc.)

What phone number do patients see on their caller ID?

For on-premises solutions they will see whatever phone number is being used by InphoniteVoice. For our SaaS solution, a number can be specified that is already being used for your practice, so that contacts being called will see a number they recognize. Or, for texting we can get you a custom number.

Can a patient Opt-Out of my messages?

Patients can be imported with a flag specifying that they do not want to be called or phone numbers can be added to a global Do Not Call list, so that patients who do not wish to receive messages will not.

Can IV send out messages that aren't reminders?

InphoniteVoice is both an inbound and outbound calling system. Many customers also use it for things such as birthday greetings, marketing messages, private lab results, home delivery appointments, and recalls.

Can IV send out reminders in a language other than English?

Text-to-speech engines are available in almost any language. Click here for a list of available languages. Or, you may always record your own message in any language.

*Additional fees may apply

Technical Questions

How does IV get our appointment information?

InphoniteVoice can attain information from your host system a couple different ways.

1. Generate a report (file) containing all appointment information needed from your scheduling system and InphoniteVoice will import the data from that file automatically.

2. Use a direct database connection (e.g. ODBC, OLEDB, or connection string) and no file export is required and the import is completely automated.

How does IV know who to call/when to call?

Your Implementation Engineer will help you configure the InphoniteVoice Rules during the setup process to determine who to contact, when to contact, etc.

What happens with busy signals and no answer responses?

InphoniteVoice can be configured in any number of different ways on how busy/no answers are handled. We can retry the number, try a different number, use a different delivery method, and/or play different messages accordingly.

How does IV know if it's a live person or a voicemail?

InphoniteVoice goes beyond industry standards using its own proprietary method for determining if it's a live person or answering machine, dubbed “Dynamic Call Detection.”


What is the implementation process?

To aid in the implementation process, we assign you a single Implementation Specialist to guide you toward, "going live". The Specialist will configure and test the program, and provide hands-on training so you learn how to use the program while creating the exact messages you need.

How long does it take to be up and running after I purchase the software?

The time it takes to complete an implementation varies based on your specific needs but we strive to meet your deadlines.


Are appointment reminders allowed under HIPAA?

Please check with your lawyer or HIPAA compliance officer for details. We are not lawyers and therefore, this information should not be considered legal advice.

However, in answer to the question: Yes. Traditional appointment reminders are allowed and considered an integral part of patient care. Additionally, it is best practice to always receive prior authorization from patients, including their preferred contact method to send reminders to.

Will Inphonite sign a business associate agreement (BAA)?

Inphonite provides its own BAA to all customers. If a separate BAA is needed, Inphonite requires an editable document in order to review and sign. Our team thoroughly reviews all BAAs, so don’t be surprised, if we find typos that everyone else missed.

What information is contained in a general medical appointment reminder?

IV is completely customizable to meet your needs. However, it is important to use minimum necessary information for all appointment reminders. We suggest the following: Patient First Name, Appointment Date, Appointment Time, Dr. Name (instead of clinic name). i.e. “James has an appointment with Dr. Smith June 3rd at 1pm” Additionally, we can include various details such as location, along with reminders to bring co-pays and insurance cards, etc.

What technical security measures are in place?

IV includes encryption of data in transit and at rest, realtime advanced database security and threat assessment, per-user accounts, complex passwords and password rules, formal risk assessment, virus scans, regular security reviews, reporting and internal notifications to let us know if anything is amiss. Additionally, Inphonite is a Microsoft Certified partner having a BAA in place with Microsoft and is afforded many securities by using Microsoft Azure.

Have you ever had a reportable data breach?

Inphonite has never had a data breach which required reporting. Additionally, to the best of our knowledge, we have never had a data breach of any kind.

We take security extremely seriously. Inphonite has been approved and is used daily by many of the largest medical organizations in the United States. We also carry multiple insurance policies, work regularly with our legal team and invest heavily in training each of our employees regarding all new security mandates and new technologies.

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