Simplify dental care for better patient connection

Regular dental checkups, usually spaced about six months apart, can slip our minds. That's why friendly appointment reminders are essential—they keep our smiles healthy and your practice thriving!


For years, dentists have relied on traditional postcards to remind patients about cleanings. However, the method of sending reminders has evolved. It’s crucial to prioritize appointment reminders for both patient health and your practice’s success.

Regular cleanings allow early detection of cavities and gum disease. Yet, convincing patients to come in can be challenging. Many patients don’t fully grasp the importance of reminders or notice postcards and emails.

To maintain a full schedule and promote patient health, consider changing your approach. Inphonite offers an effective way to communicate with patients for their upcoming appointments.


Maximize the productivity of your workplace


Revolutionize your outreach with automation


Streamline front office workflows

Using Inphonite can simplify the running of your business

Let us help you realise the benefits of using our service


Improve patient satisfaction

Utilize timely reminders to ensure patients feel valued and never miss their dental appointments.


Reduce administrative burnout

Automate Appointment Reminders to Focus on Patient Care


Simplify and automate workflows

Enhance office efficiency with tailored reminder services designed for your dental practice’s unique workflow needs

3 Hours

Average time saved per week by automating reminders


Possible reduction in no-shows by implementing appointment reminders


Average cost of a missed appointment, this could be avoided by using Inphonite appointment reminders


of first-time appointments end up as a no-show or cancellation, Inphonite can help with this.

Our customers love us for a reason

See what customers are saying about us.

  • Inphonite has decreased patients missing appointments due to forgetting time or date. It has also mede it easier for patients to let us know they will not be making the appointment.


    Yoakum Community Hospital

  • Reasons for choosing Inphonite: Ease of use, flexibility, and ability to manage multiple sites in one system.


    Workwell Occupational Medicine

  • We were working with a current vendor for our EHR needs and they had a relationship with Inphonite. Once we saw how the product meshed with our EHR system, it made it easy to transition to using Inphonite.


    Community Mental Health Center

Increase your earnings, not your missed appointments

Let Inphonite revolutionize the converstions you are having with your customers.

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