Access your reminder results and more with our fully customizable reports


Reports Aligned with Your Needs

We offer ready made Report formats as well as a dedicated Report Designer feature, to ensure that you receive your results in a way that suits your needs. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our Report feature:

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  • Scheduled Daily Reports:
    You can schedule Reports to be sent to the staff that need them at a set time each day, so no need to go searching for information.
  • Customizable Fields:
    Make reports easier to read by including only the relevant data, allowing you to spend more time filling cancellations.
  • Secure Report Delivery:
    Reports can be sent by secure email or file transfer, to ensure that your clients information is kept safe.
  • Instant Information:
    As well as scheduled reports, you can also run reports when needed to see the latest results. You can also assign certain responses to trigger instant notifications to be sent to you or your staff.

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