Stay connected

Connect with your clients using our leading automated messaging and appointment reminder service.


Make Infinite Connections

InphoniteVoice adapts to the needs of our partners and customers. We follow trends while making security a top priority. Reduce your workload, decrease appointment no-shows, and strengthen the relationships you have with your clients. Let us show you how we have helped others improve client retention and revenue through efficiency and excellence for over 20 years.






Keep Clients Happy

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SMS Enable

Enable your business number to send text messages so clients will automatically know who is calling.

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Lab Results

Let patients know the moment their lab results are ready without even picking up the phone.

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Improve client satisfaction and retention by following up with an automated survey about their experience.


Mobile App

Access your IV SaaS account from your phone.

  • View Appointments
  • View Reports
  • Send Instant Messages

Stop No-Shows

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Appointment Reminders

Send automated voice, email, and text reminders to your customers so they don't forget their appointments.

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Group Notifications

Send notifications to several customers at once in the event of a sudden office closure.