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Business-to-Business Messaging and Communication Tools

Appointment Reminders, Two-Way Automated Texting, Reputation Management, and so much more.

Let Inphonite’s Art of Chat revolutionize the conversations you are having with your customers.

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Appointment Reminders

Send automated text, voice, and email reminders to your customers so they don’t forget their appointments.

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Two-Way Texting

Communicate with your customers using a messenger-style system on your computer through Art of Chat (AoC).

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Reputation Management

Your online reputation is your most valuable asset. Gather customer feedback and reviews through AoC.

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Group and Emergency


Be prepared. Send mass messages to your customers alerting them of emergencies or change in schedules.

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Save Time and Hassle with

Your New Assistant

Most people consider us a “set it and forget it” product. See what else our customers are saying. 

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Getting Started with Art of

Chat is Easy

AoC integrates with your existing booking or patient scheduler. This process is as easy as 1,2,3!

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Integrates with your existing software

Art of Chat integrates with your scheduler by automatically reading the upcoming appointment data. It can be supplied with all the information it needs via FTPs, SFTP, an export tool, or a CSV file dump. This is a process that takes minutes. It’s a “set it and forget it” product that runs in the background, or a simple task you can quickly accomplish before you run out for lunch, rather than something that will take weeks.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

Art of Chat is simple, but powerful. It won’t take your staff long to become familiar with the system. Once they see how much easier their day to day tasks become when communication is facilitated by AoC, they’re likely to thank you.

Something For Everyone!

No matter what you do, we’ll help you do it better!

Inphonite’s Art of Chat can be found throughout many industries and is used for many purposes.

Whether you are a delivery service, a pest control business, an automotive dealer, a small medical clinic or even a large hospital, utilize Inphonite’s automated messaging service to strategically grow your business.


What our customers are saying.

Art of Chat has decreased patients missing appointment due to forgetting time or date. It has also made it easier for patients to let us know they will not be making the appointment.


Yoakum Community Hospital

Reasons for Choosing Art of Chat: ease of use, flexibility, and ability to manage multiple sites in one system.


Workwell Occupational Medicine

We were working with a current vendor for our EHR needs and they had a relationship with Inphonite. Once we saw how the product meshed with our EHR system it made it easy to transition to using Inphonite.


Community Mental Health Center

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