Inphonite Releases InphoniteVoice 7 On-Premises Beta

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Inphonite releases InphoniteVoice 7 On-Prem Beta to select Enterprise customers with resounding success. Beta customers are asked to test new Hybrid Dynamic Call Detection resulting in 97% perfect response.  

Lead Engineer, David Tosi, talks about the slight imperfection: “It’s virtually impossible to reach the elusive 100%. We have some days when we get very close with our own SaaS, and we realize that with an on-prem solution a lot of variables are out of our hands. It’s difficult to know how each computer, telephone company, email or internet provider or even person receiving a message will respond, which is why we offer our Appointment Reminder Best Practices to our Customers.”

For more information on the latest version of Inphonite products, please contact an Inphonite Representative at 800-350-7693.