Inphonite Announces Update to InphoniteVoice SaaS

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Inphonite Announces Multiple Updates Now Released for InphoniteVoice SaaS

This latest release included these updates:

  • Adding free text replies
  • Updates to Master Accounts and Premium Texting Credit Calculations
  • After map data support for our Kareo customers to improve customization
  • Updates to the Time Zone display
  • Reply capping, to prevent text looping
  • Updated Dynamic Call Detection Enable/Disable User Interface
  • Improvements to system monitoring tools
  • Added additional User Interface changes
  • Better support for subscription balances in Admin
  • Updated credit card processing to support SHA2/TLS1.2

Excited about these new features and updates, President, Christine Tosi, had this to say, 
“Some of these features have been a long time coming and many have been requested
by our customers directly. What I’m most proud of our Development team for is the
extremely fast turn around and ability to add the updated credit card processing, when
given the task only hours after notification from our banks. The efficiency of our Engineering
and Quality Assurance teams continues to set us apart from our competition.”