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In my household the most common excuse for not going to the doctor is: I don’t like doctors. If I am really honest, another reason is that I just don’t think about it. Honestly, who does think about something they are not fond of? It’s not the doctors themselves that we dislike, but rather, the needles… and the unknowns of what might be found.

If the people of the world are like me, they are not going to want to remember something they aren’t fond of. So, a reminder is necessary–even just a simple call, email or text saying: “This is your [healthcare provider]. We haven’t seen you in a while and just wanted to make sure you are doing well. Please call [Insert number here] to schedule an appointment for your checkup.”

People like to know that they are being cared about – that someone is looking out for them. I say this from a patient’s point of view: I want to trust my doctor. But, if I have a doctor that I see once a year, maybe even less, how do I know that I am not just another person in the long line of patients they care for?

I know that my doctors care about me but sometimes I need something tangible, something that really makes me trust them. And honestly, a sincere call from my doctor with a how-do-you-do would be a great way.

Now, I know what you are thinking: “‘I am a doctor. I see many patients a day. When would I have time to follow up with all of them?” That’s where a good call reminder system comes in. You can simply record a message and let your patients know you care, while still helping the other patients in your office.

Following up is a very important part of any business, especially when trust is such a big part of the job. Let your patients know you care with a little reminder about what is important: them!

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