404 - Page Not Found Page

Lisa, a puzzle-loving detective, follows clues on a website to a hidden treasure, but gets a 404 error instead.

Lisa was a detective who loved solving puzzles. She was working on a case that involved a mysterious website that had clues to a hidden treasure. She had spent hours cracking the codes and following the links, until she reached the final page.

She clicked on the button that said "Reveal the treasure". She expected to see a map or a location or a password. But instead, she saw a message that said "404 Not Found".

She was shocked and angry. She thought she had been tricked by a prankster or a hacker. She checked the URL and saw that it was correct. She refreshed the page and tried again, but nothing changed.

She decided to call the person who had given her the case. It was an anonymous tipster who had contacted her through email. She dialed the number and waited for an answer.

"Hello?" a voice said.

"Hi, this is Lisa, the detective. I'm calling about the website you told me about."

"Oh, yes. Did you find the treasure?"

"No, I didn't. The final page was a 404 error. What's going on?"

The voice laughed and said, "Sorry, Lisa. You've been 404'd." The line went dead.