A Little Bit of Wizardry to Get You Up and Going

Art of Site

Having trouble getting your account configured correctly so you can make your first test message?

Well that process has been greatly simplified by addition of a start-up wizard. The wizard should automatically start up the first time you log in (if you have already created an account then it will still launch.)

The cool thing is that the wizard has been designed to be able to be rerun. For example: Say you were playing with a sample message and somehow messed that message up, just delete it and run the wizard again and it will be recreated automatically for you.

To rerun the wizard, just select ‘Run Startup Wizard’ from the Dashboard’s toolbar.

The wizard takes care of the following tasks automatically for you:

  • Walks you through all of the most important settings step-by-step
  • Test Contact: If your account doesn’t already have a test contact, the wizard will create it automatically for you
  • Test Appointment: If your test contact doesn’t already have a test appointment, the wizard will create it automatically for you
  • Creates 14 samples messages, 1 sample custom prompt, 12 responses and 1 sample rule
  • Automatically submits a request for a caller ID, if requested

As always I welcome your feedback.

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Thank you so much. We wish you great success in the New Year.

Best Wishes,

The Inphonite Team