A Note on Product Longevity

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I always love it when I pick up the phone and there is a happy customer on the other end.

I am not talking about just happy, but completely and totally happy, for years.

Just the other day a customer called out of the blue. He started out by saying, “Is this JulySoft? The makers of ReminderPro??” I answered affirmatively.

He went on to explain that his system is working just fine and has been for years, but that he is upgrading his database, or rather EMR system and is pretty sure he will need help to update his import that pulls the data from the database in order to make his reminder calls.

In looking at our computer system, I was unable to locate him or his company in our current database which meant they were in our older one, one that I was unfamiliar with. Since I couldn’t find his file immediately, I spent some time talking to him to find out his needs. He told me he’s had our software for years and it’s been running so beautifully he didn’t feel the need to purchase or renew his support contract. In fact, he hadn’t needed technical support of any kind for over five years. Now, years later the program is still running perfectly, but he decided to upgrade his own database.

Before doing the upgrade however, he recognized that this change would affect the integration between his ReminderPro messaging system and the new medical records database. He carefully searched out a new EMR that told him they integrated with ReminderPro.

Unfortunately, however I had to explain that the version of ReminderPro he was using had reached its End of Life and he will need to upgrade in order to remain current. The good news is that he can use his old hardware without issue and the upgrade price is more than 75% off of the price it costs to buy our software new. Alternatively, he can sign up for our Software as a Service (SaaS) version for even less and with no contract.

Either way he’ll be getting the same amazing calling system he’s been using without a single technical glitch for years, and now he will have even more features than before.

He expressed his excitement about all of the options available and spoke immediately with a sales representative to get the ball rolling.

Another successful year has been made memorable by engaging customers such as you! Upon logging in to Art of Chat you will be greeted by the choice between a $5 Amazon, Apple, or Starbucks gift card. Please accept this gesture of our gratitude for your continued support.

Thank you so much. We wish you great success in the New Year.

Best Wishes,

The Inphonite Team