Who We Are

Inphonite began in 1990 in Tucson, Arizona under the name of JulySoft. We create fully customizable automated reminder software to help you connect with your patients. We continue to improve our products, listening to what you need, while following the latest security and technological trends so we can be truly great. Our mission is to make infinite connections, and we strive to do that through comprehensive user-friendly software and a top-notch team that forms lasting relationships with all of our customers and partners.

Over the years our customers have grown to include healthcare and dental organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies as well as businesses in the utilities, hospitality, automotive and collections. If your business needs to send texts, calls, or emails, InphoniteVoice can do it for you. Inphonite is proud to offer extremely customizable software, making it a valuable asset for any business type. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our Inphonite customer and employee families.

Our Vision Statement

Engage. Integrate. Connect.

Our Values

Inphonite has a passionate entrepreneurial spirit. We are focused on encouraging growth and inspiring that same passion and voice within each of our employees. Employees can expect a fair and respectful work environment that rewards performance. Inphonite strives to promote an energized culture that encourages career development and gives employees opportunities for growth and fun.

Our Mission Statement

Infinite Connections (to make infinite connections)

  • We connect the world
  • Our software connects people
  • Our team members connect with each other
  • We make lasting connections with all customers
1999: LabRetriever

LabRetriever, a standalone product offering an inbound and fully secure, 24-hour lab result hotline, was released alleviating staff calling for simple negative results.

2007: Became Inphonite

Purchased in 2007, we quickly rebranded as Inphonite (pronounced “Infinite”) rewriting the software from the ground up, combining LabRetriever and ReminderPro into one product, InphoniteVoice.

2009: IV SaaS

Inphonite released InphoniteVoice SaaS, the cloud-based model still used today. We continue to update this product several times annually.

2010: IV 2010

Recognizing the need to continue to offer on-premise solutions as well, Inphonite released InphoniteVoice 2010, a completely new full IVR using current technologies.

2012: IV 2012

InphoniteVoice 2012 was released, featuring an all new user interface and interactive texting.

2015: IV 7

We released InphoniteVoice 7 and integrated our on-premises product with our cloud solution, InphoniteVoice SaaS

2016: Text Cards

Seeing the continued trend toward visual media, in particular via smartphones, Inphonite added TextCards, which are appealing and memorable photographic style text reminders.

2018: IV Mobile

Predicting mobile technology growth for businesses, Inphonite released InphoniteVoice Mobile for both iOS and Android, great for emergency messaging.

2019: Art of Chat

Art of Chat is added to InphoniteVoice, introducing AI powered conversational messaging and surveys.