Another Tool in the Marketing Toolbox – Outbound IVR

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Having the right tools is essential for any project. Who doesn’t start a home repair project without first evaluating the situation, then taking a trip to Home Depot for the right tools and materials? Does anyone else find themselves taking a second trip as well?

It’s the same with Marketing. You need the right tools to get the message across. Furthermore, the playing field changes rapidly, so marketers don’t always know all the details before they begin. So first things first – What do you want to accomplish? Most of us want to build up a following, nurture those relationships, and of course close some profitable deals along the way. To make this happen, everyone in the organization needs to wear a marketing hat as well.

An outbound IVR solution uses the customer data already stored in your CRM or database to automate your outbound messages (voice, email, and text) and is an ideal tool for any marketing plan. Here are four important reasons why:

  1. Automate and Integrate. Outbound IVR makes it easy (and cheap!) to keep in contact with your customers and opt-in prospects through timely and focused messages.
  2. User Friendly. An outbound IVR solution can be easy to use, allowing you to focus your creativity on targeting segments of your audience with the right message.
  3. Better Insight. All your employees will be better informed and therefore be able to consider what messages should be targeted to what customers.
  4. Two heads are better than one! With everyone in the company playing a marketing role and adding their individual experiences and talents to the mix, the end result is superior to that of the lone marketer.

So when you’re arranging your next marketing plan, make sure to include outbound IVR in your bag of tricks. Utilizing outbound IVR will help you nurture leads, close deals, and grow a base of customers for life.

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