Back to the Future in Customer Service

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Do you remember the first “Back to the Future” where Marty finds himself in 1950’s America? “Mr. Sandman” is playing in the background. A car drives up to a service station and men come running out wiping down the windows, pumping gas, and providing exceptional customer service. I sometimes feel like customer service is seen as a thing of the past these days. Some of us run into every day scenarios where customer service is lacking and this is extremely unfortunate to both consumers and companies alike. Inphonite, LLC helps you meet your customer service needs with InphoniteVoice by providing exceptional, high level service to you. After all, that’s what we’re all about.

InphoniteVoice Implementation:

  1. Our Support Department is there for you from the very beginning, from pre-installation to production and beyond. Inphonite, LLC support engineers provide pre-installation information, detailing what needs to be done prior to implementation, and work with you to complete this. We also help ensure your computers meet the requirements before moving forward in implementation.
  2. Support engineers configure the data connection between your EMR or practice management software and InphoniteVoice, ensuring a streamlined workflow throughout all your systems and applications.
  3. Support engineers connect to the computer intended to run the software and perform the installation remotely.
  4. Support engineers go through a series of tests to make sure everything is running properly. We work to figure out the kinks and will not stop until everything works the way you want it to.

When exceptional customer service comes around, we’re often times surprised but even more grateful that there are still companies and people out there willing to make our lives better. At Inphonite, LLC , we have trust in our products and want to establish that same trust in our products for you. We do so by installing and configuring properly and carefully. We go that extra mile and in the end, the bond we create is an investment in our longevity as well as yours.

At Inphonite, we make it a priority to provide the highest levels of customer support available in the industry today. Our goal is to ensure that your customer service and technical support needs are met to the fullest extent possible.