Inphonite Today

By Christine Tosi

We haven’t posted a blog since June! Why not? We have been extremely busy working on our fantastic new website. I therefore must give shout-out to the talent behind it all: Kaylee, you’re amazing!

We don’t have to tell you the world of healthcare is a little extra crazy right now. Each day is a new adventure rivaling the wildest roller coasters I’ve been on. So, while we ride that ride with its ups and downs, navigating the twists and turns, Inphonite has found solace and smooth sailing thanks to our wonderful partners, employees and our incredible Inphonite customer family.

We are watching healthcare along with the rest of the nation, wondering what’s next and keeping up with all that comes our way. As far as technology goes, we’re always following trends and going one step further to stay ahead of the pack.

This year so far has been predictably fun here at Inphonite Headquarters. We had an intense Step Challenge, celebrated our 10-year Anniversary, had some smiles on #SocialMediaDay, and enjoyed mini-golf next door, along with several dart tournaments and happy hours. All of these activities are things that have brought our team together, strengthening our communication and allowing us to grow and better work and communicate with our partners and customers.

Behind the scenes we’ve updated our customer database and will be rolling out a customer portal and some new financial software soon along with giving InphoniteVoice a bit of facelift. Our Newsletter will also soon be coming out, and that will give you some more details into all that’s going on here, so stay tuned.

One final reminisce for the day: In thinking of the roller coaster of healthcare, I can only picture my father riding one of the last wooden roller coasters with me, holding on tight, looking at me with his knuckles white, saying “Whee!” Dad, this one’s for you as I learned to hold on and say “Whee,” no matter what comes.



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