6 Budget Friendly Ways to Promote Health in the Workplace

We want to end our last Wellness Wednesday post with a topic that comes up very often – How can we promote employee health and wellness in the workplace? Below are 6 easy and budget friendly ideas to transform your office:

1. Vary Monthly offsite events FROM happy hours TO interactive activities


Instead of creating only a happy hour ritual with your team (which may be warranted at times), do something interactive with the whole office. Not only will this improve overall employee health and wellness habits, but this will benefit the workplace by increasing productivity. If you feel like you have over exhausted the simple happy hour or bowling outings, try something new with the team! There are a lot of options available for team offsite activities, such as rage rooms, top golf, hiking, axe throwing, meditation, racing, etc. The list goes on and on.  

2. Provide healthy snack and beverage options in the break room

Do you have an outdated vending machine that still offers candy and soda? If yes, it’s time to contact your local vendor and look into other options you can provide (Or do what we do, and make a Costco run a couple times a month!) This is one of the most obvious health swaps for the workplace but is easily the most overlooked. Instead of taking out chocolate all together, offer healthier alternatives that promote worker productivity and long-term health advantages for your employees.

3. Encourage breaks

It’s important to make sure your employees are not getting burnt out with their everyday workload. Besides their lunch, offer 2 additional short breaks of 10-15 minutes each day for employees to relieve stress when needed. This is a great time for them to get up from their desk and unplug for a moment. Mental health is key in the workplace!

4. Ditch the elevator and use the stairs

Stair climbing can have a significant and positive impact on an individual’s health over time. By promoting your employees to say farewell to the beloved elevator, this can benefit their overall cardiovascular fitness and significantly lower stress levels throughout the office. You can promote this through strategically placed posters around the office demonstrating the health benefits of stair walking.

5. Offer a VOLUNTARY walk in the mornings or afternoons

This is something that Inphonite has implemented for quite some time. Depending on your geographic location, as well as time of year, offer a brief walk for your employees to get up from their seats and leave the office. Not only does this build relationships between coworkers, but It can be a great time for brainstorming new ideas, or better yet, get your workers out of the 3 O'clock slump! Remember, the keyword here is “voluntary,” please do not force your employees to do anything they don’t wish to participate in.

6. Incentivize employees to walk or bike to work

We know this may be unrealistic for some employees, but those who are close to the office can be offered an incentive program for biking or walking to work. The prize doesn’t have to break the bank. You can get creative and offer monthly drawings for movie tickets, restaurants and more, or keep it simple with a gift card to a local Walmart or grocery store.