A Summer Reminder

It’s Summer here in the Good Olde Pueblo and things have really heated up. With a high this weekend of 106, we have the bright idea of going to Phoenix where it is likely to be 10 degrees warmer. The heat here is all people talk about to newcomers.

My brother-in-law recently moved to Arizona from Wisconsin and we had a chat at lunch. For months now he’s been saying, “if another person warns me about how hot the Summers are, I am going to explode.” Today we asked him, “So, is the heat here, all that people have foretold?” (Yes, I use the word “foretold” in every day language, don’t you?) Anyway, he replied that it was indeed hot, but he also reminded me that in Winter in Wisconsin you can’t go out day or night because it’s too darn cold. But in Arizona you can go out early in the morning, or have a nice barbeque after the sun sets. It’s actually quite lovely, even in Summer, for a few hours.

Then my brother-in-law reminded me, in Wisconsin, when the temperatures are hitting the upper 80’s or 90’s people drop like flies. I think every year a few elderly people succumb to heat stroke in a most unfortunate manner.

So, while the Summer here is hot, and it’s all we can think to talk about, at least we are aware it is hot. We are aware of the danger—most of us anyhow. And we are knowledgeable in how to handle it.

As a business in Southern Arizona reaching out to our community and to those elsewhere, we want to remind you all to stay hydrated this Summer.

A reminder such as this should be sent to everyone you know.

In the meantime, while I’m on my journey northward, everyone in the family will have ice cold water bottles, we will have a cooler with extras and at least 5 gallons of emergency water and various non-melting snacks (no chocolate L) for a 2 hour trip. I hope we don’t come across any haboobs!