Are You Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s Halloween.  You know what that means: armies of children dressed as mummies and witches, pumpkins and bats, tirelessly marching from one door to the next hoping that people only offer the treat of “trick or treat.”  Luckily all this demanding army asks is the small price of a piece (or two) of candy.  But what if this year instead of Queen Elsas and Groots, there was an actual army of brain-hungry zombies stumbling towards your door asking for more than a mere piece of candy?  Would you be prepared?

We have heard the 33 rules set in Zombieland. “Beware of Bathrooms,” “The Double Tap,” “Check the Backseat,” and “The Buddy System” are all some of my favorites. You’ve seen the mistakes that have been made in horror films and have read every “Zombie Survival Guide” there is. At this point you probably think you have a good idea of what not to do during a zombie outbreak.  However, what the movies rarely get right is what would happen just as an outbreak is beginning.

You’re sitting in front of the television like you do every morning playing your favorite game of flip through the channels. Suddenly on every news station you see images that seem like they’re straight from The Walking Dead.  Your favorite news anchor is in complete shock and rushes off screen to be with his family; the time has finally come. You are a doctor at one of the only hospitals in the area and know that you are about to be a very busy person.

You have two options at this point. Option one: gather enough supplies for yourself and hope you can survive alone. Or option two: you can be a hero. 

You are a doctor. You have years of experience in having a clear mind during times of crisis and this time is no different.  You think about what to do and remember that your hospital not only has the capability of reaching all of your staff with the click of a button but it can reach all of your current and former patients and their emergency contacts as well.  You have the ability to inform thousands of people of the current crisis and can warn them to be prepared for the worst. You can give your staff the option to be with their families or stay in the hospital knowing that you are likely to be flooded with people in need.  You don’t know much about the virus but you are willing to learn everything you can and keep your people updated for as long as you can. The choice you know, is an easy one. 

You never knew the investment you made in your automated messaging software would turn out to be so important.  But due to its emergency notification capabilities you can spread your vast knowledge of what to do during a zombie apocalypse and do what you do best: saving lives. 


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Kaylee Mulholland