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Goodbye MGMA 2012

The booth is packed and on its way back home, the bags are returned lighter without all the giveaways and swag, and our representatives have arrived safely back home last week. Since MGMA 2012 came to a close I am left to reflect on all the hard work everyone has done to get us to San Antonio this year.  Shipments made, artwork designed, flights arranged, rooms booked, meetings scheduled, conference attended, and so much more, all of which took exceptional amounts of coordination and planning.  I have always known that Inphonite was comprised of dedicated and organized individuals but never have I been more confident in  everyone’s ability to work together to accomplish a goal. 

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MGMA 2012

It's that time of year again—the postcards have been sent out, the art work approved and completed, swag purchased, marketing materials printed and gathered and work has been busier than ever. In a couple of days our annual trip to the MGMA Conference will be upon us, this time in the lovely city of San Antonio. Our representatives will be looking their finest, sporting their blue Inphonite shirts and welcoming guests with a warm smile.

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