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Top 5 Best and Worst Password Practices

You would think that creating a password today should be a simple practice but with the rise of hacking I have noticed that there are several good password practices that are being ignored, and other poor practices still being implemented. Keep reading to see our top 5 best and worst password practices.

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Inphonite’s Take: iPad vs. Surface with Windows RT

Last year we all received iPads after hitting one of our Sales’ numbers. The company rather hoped the iPad would be a business tool that we could use. There were grand ideas of taking notes during meetings, working on email, and even some other projects.For most of us the iPad became little more than a toy. Some were resold and some handed off to family members. Those of us that kept them use the iPad for reading, social networking, emails and more video games than we’re likely to admit.

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What is the Future of Telephony and Who Can Help You Get There?

Technology changes constantly. For example, the Kindle was HOT when it first came out three years ago. It sold out in just over five hours and was then out of stock for five months! Now the iPad is out and Seth Godin has already suggested that to survive the Kindle needs to be, "… so cheap to buy and use it's irresistible." Telephony is yet another element breaking its way into a new age, and here's how:

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