Charity Impact and Giving Back


By Christine Tosi

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona has had a tremendous impact on our lives.

When we first moved to Arizona my husband and I rescued a black kitten. Did you know that black cats are much less likely to be adopted, due to peoples’ superstitions? So that is of course what we named him, “Superstition” or “Super” for short. That cat had a lot of personality. From an early age he learned just the right way to get what he wanted. He would walk along the plastic blinds that covered our patio door and wake us in the middle of the night for cuddles.

About a week after we bought our first house, we were finally able to have a dog, so we went to the Humane Society again and rescued one. She was a black and tan, Shepard mix and we named her Snickers. She was the best dog. She didn’t need much training and soon was an awesome camping dog. We never needed to put her on a leash because she would just hang around and come anytime she was called. She was amazing and sweet and she and Superstition were best friends for many years.

Some years later, after having kids, we decided to adopt two kittens. These two are still with us today. Mocha & Latte. They are both a couple of princesses, each in different ways. Mocha is the skinny, stealthy one that likes to make herself invisible. If you discover her hiding spot, she will find a new one so you have more trouble finding her next time. She completely and fully belongs to my daughter, who is now 13. She’s loves to snuggle and sleep in the sun, but somehow stays hidden from plain sight. She hardly ever meows and her purr is very quiet. Then there is Latte. We joke that she stays high in her tower on the second floor of the house like a princess. Also, we are pretty sure she is part dog. She comes when you call, she ‘talks’ all the time, and her purr can be heard around the whole house. She’s our fat cat that never shuts up, but we love her just the same. She likes to lick peoples’ toes and have her tummy rubbed. Weird cat.

The Humane Society has touched our lives in more ways than just adding to our furry family. More recently, our daughter has started volunteering there. She works with younger children helping teach them about different animals. Our local Humane Society has Summer camps for kids, offering an opportunity for children to learn about and bond with more than just cats and dogs. The animals help to offer a different kind of camp experience, one I wish I had an opportunity to have at that age. There are chickens, rats, snakes, bunnies and more. They also hold movie nights, where kids can be dropped off and spend the evening watching a movie while cuddling with trained dogs.

Having these activities and opportunities for our youth, is extremely important. Their staff works tirelessly in ways that people don’t even know. Our family has made lifelong friends, both furry and not, and we look forward to continuing volunteering and adopting from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. So please take part in our Social Media for Charity Campaign by liking and sharing our posts about the HSSA on Facebook and liking and re-tweeting them on Twitter. We will be giving a donation for every interaction until the Campaign ends on Tuesday the 5th. See the terms and conditions for full details.