Giving Thanks

Is it the turkey? Is it the pie? Is it the parade?

What are the reasons that make Thanksgiving so special to our society? I hear so many people get excited for a few days off work and a lot of tasty food but people rarely talk about what they are thankful for when they talk about Thanksgiving. We say the phrase “Give Thanks” a lot at this time of year but do we really understand the meaning of those words?

Let’s analyze life for a second and I will use my own as an example. I have times, like most people do, where life feels hard and times that make me feel disheartened, because something didn’t go the way I thought it would, I don’t have something I thought I would have, or things aren’t the way I thought they would be. It is easy to get into this spiral of thinking I want or I don’t have. I, I, I. Sometimes focusing on ourselves and the things we don’t have, distracts us from seeing the things we do have. I have noticed this a lot more in myself lately; perhaps it’s the holidays, but I have found that the more I think about what I do have, the happier I am and the more fulfilled I feel.

I hope this helps to encourage readers to remember to take stock of where you are now. Think about what you do have that others would be thankful for. I am thankful to have a job with a great company, wonderful coworkers and friends, and a loving and supportive family. Do I have everything I want? No. But if we get caught in the cycle of measuring how fulfilling our lives are based on the things we want we will have trouble meeting those standards. Life is a work in progress and we can always do better and have more, but sometimes we need to stop and reflect on what we have right now.

Right now, I am reflecting on my readers and our customers. At Inphonite we are always striving to do better, and right now we are thankful for our many customers and even our competitors, for driving us to be better every day. We encourage everyone to take the time on Thanksgiving, and every day, to count your own blessings, you might be surprised by how many you have.