Happy 9th Anniversary

This year as we look back, it’s easy to see the incredible changes—the biggest one being that we moved our offices less than a month ago. People asked why and it was always a comical conversation chatting about better air conditioning and the new balconies that we are loving. The largest truth is simply this however: We needed a change.

Last month we packed up the essentials and sold or donated everything else. We refinished a wood table in the kitchen, bought all new desks and did a complete redo for our new conference room. While some of us are still getting used to our standing desks, day-to-day work and InphoniteVoice SaaS was not affected by the move.

We are now mostly unpacked, though we aren’t sure what to do about the dozen or so Microsoft Partnership plaques we have to hang. Right now they are just stacked up on an empty desk, waiting for their new home, collecting dust.

The view here is pretty much the same. All we can see is growth. There is a new building being built outside our windows, the desert and mountains are remarkably green and InphoniteVoice SaaS is exploding. We’ve spent a lot of time chatting with customers this last year about their individual needs, and our product is evolving to fit those needs. Our latest feature update for instance, included adding free text replies along with many other changes in order to keep in line with the technical trends of our customers.

Earlier this year, we made a trip to visit a valued Partner, giving us the opportunity to put faces to the names we’ve been working with for years. The trip was enlightening and fun. Behind the scenes we are just about done implementing updates to our CRM and have been working hard on our new website. We’re even rolling out a tweak to our logo, which will be coming soon.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. 

InphoniteLauren Gramlich