Inphonite’s Take: iPad vs. Surface with Windows RT

Now that we’re back from the Microsoft Build conference and we have all had a chance to check out the new Surface, here are our thoughts:

Last year we all received iPads after hitting one of our Sales’ numbers. The company rather hoped the iPad would be a business tool that we could use. There were grand ideas of taking notes during meetings, working on email, and even some other projects.

For most of us the iPad became little more than a toy. Some were resold and some handed off to family members. Those of us that kept them use the iPad for reading, social networking, emails and more video games than we’re likely to admit.

For a business tool, the iPad proved mostly useless—at least, in our business.

I personally don’t want to admit to drinking the “Microsoft Kool Aid” we talked about in an earlier blog, but I do find that as a company we are leaning toward the Surface RT as our tablet of choice. We can readily admit this may be because we are a technology company and we all do work primarily in a Windows environment. After all, this is where are most comfortable.

As a business tool, the transition to Surface was simple. We can use Word, PowerPoint, Excel and integrate our Outlook into the Mail and Calendar built in. We can log into our network and use the wifi to search our database while in the middle of a meeting, rather than saying, “I’ll look up the details after the meeting.” We have the ability to increase memory and use USB plug-ins for things like speakers, thumb drives, etc. Even the touch keyboard and kickstand are great. The other day I sat on a couch and used the Surface much like I might my laptop. I worried the keyboard would be too flimsy or the kickstand would close in on itself and the Surface would be a wobbly mess. None of those things happened.

We look forward to the Surface with Windows 8 Pro coming out. This will make the Surface even more user friendly and like a laptop with its ability to run any application. On the technology clock Microsoft certainly waited quite some time to get into the tablet market. So far though, the wait may just have been worth it.