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Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The Holidays. The time for family and friends, tree decorating, lights, presents and food. Between all of the cookies, pies, ham, and eggnog it’s hard to think of being healthy.  However as we all know, it’s harder to lose weight and return to healthy habits than it is to gain. So, here are some tips and tricks for maintaining your health over the holidays.

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A Time of Giving

Here at Inphonite we are lucky to be surrounded by great, caring people and to have jobs we love and that can support us. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. When I go home to spend Christmas with my family I am certain of a few things: a roof over my head, delicious food to be shared, and presents for everyone to open that lie beneath a tree that we spent hours decorating. I am thankful for that every day because I know there are so many people that don’t have the luxuries that I do, or even the basic things I sometimes take for granted.

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