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The 12 Days of InphoniteVoice

On my 1st day with Inphonite, my staff said to me, “We were trained and it's integrated completely.”

We make set up a snap by setting automatic or manual integration to smoothly send your messages. Then we take time to personally train each and every customer until they are satisfied and confident working with Inphonite and InphoniteVoice.

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Getting Them Back: Using recalls to bring back long lost customers

According to the more than 58 million pounds of chocolate sold every year, February is the month of love. The month, and one date in particular is often spent trying to impress our friends and loved ones with the idea that we love and care about them. We send cheesy cards, buy flowers and gifts, and call at strange hours to make sure they know we are thinking about them. At Inphonite, we think, “Why not let this idea leak into the professional world?”

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