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Telephony 101: Auto Attendant

A common misconception is that an Auto Attendantis a very simple kind of inbound Interactive Voice Response(IVR). Alison Smith notes in her article 15 Commandments of IVR that "IVR" seems to be a catch-all term which applies to a device which automatically transfers the caller to an extension without the intervention of an operator - this is actually an "Auto Attendant". IVR is much more than this. Let's look a little deeper into the real meaning of each term.

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What is the Future of Telephony and Who Can Help You Get There?

Technology changes constantly. For example, the Kindle was HOT when it first came out three years ago. It sold out in just over five hours and was then out of stock for five months! Now the iPad is out and Seth Godin has already suggested that to survive the Kindle needs to be, "… so cheap to buy and use it's irresistible." Telephony is yet another element breaking its way into a new age, and here's how:

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