The 12 Days of InphoniteVoice


On my 1st day with Inphonite, my staff said to me, “We were trained and it's integrated completely.”

We make set up a snap by setting automatic or manual integration to smoothly send your messages. Then we take time to personally train each and every customer until they are satisfied and confident working with Inphonite and InphoniteVoice.

At Inphonite, we take a personal approach with you and help you do the same with your patients.


On my 2nd day with Inphonite, my receptionist said to me, “I am so happy not to be calling!”

InphoniteVoice is a call reminder system; integrating with your scheduling software and making calls and sending messages for you is its job.  This makes things much easier for you and your staff, saving time and reducing stress. Calling patients manually can be very time consuming and, having to make several calls before the end of the day can be especially stressful for your staff at this time of year.

InphoniteVoice takes away the responsibility of calling all of your patients manually, and with automatic follow-up, is proven to reduce no shows!


On my 3rd day with Inphonite, my doctor said to me, “I am saving so much money!”

Inphonite offers a low cost automated calling solution, saving money in many ways, from reducing no shows to lowering staffing and overtime costs. Manual calling takes up a lot of time, sometimes more than 10 minutes per call, and because there are so many factors in manual calling, it is next to impossible to map out the amount of time it will take an employee to complete all the reminders. Because of this, messaging left until the end of the day may not be finished or could cost you overtime pay. Both of these circumstances can cost you money.

InphoniteVoice automates the reminders saving you money.


On the 4th day with Inphonite, my tech staff said to me, “Getting support is so easy.”

Inphonite offers excellent, and same day support for most products. Whether you need more training or simply want to tweak a message, or even add features, our friendly staff is here to help with it all. You want to change the call dates for a holiday call? They can make that change easy. Our support team wants to help you.

To enter a support case, click here.


On my 5th day with Inphonite, my patient said to me, “Thank you for reminding me.”

Patients also benefit from the reminders you send. Balancing work, kids, school and many other activities is hard and it can be difficult to remember all of our varied appointments. Business cards with dates and times are easily lost among the receipts, gum and other items floating around purses or cars. With a reminder, either by a phone call or text, we can help give a gentle nudge to remind people to not only show up, but show up prepared.

InphoniteVoice will remind busy people of upcoming appointments.


On my 6th day with Inphonite, my doctor said to me, “I’m reducing no shows dramatically!”

When a patient doesn’t show up, it can affect your whole schedule and it can also affect your revenue. Automated messaging systems are beneficial not only with reminders, but also rescheduling those that cancel. Knowing in advance if a patient can’t make it allows you to fill that available time slot so you are not missing out on revenue.

Inphonite gives you a reason to charge for no shows. With comprehensive detailed reports proving reminders were attempted, a no show is no excuse.  


On my 7th day with Inphonite, my doctor said to me, “All my old patients are coming back to me!”

A lot of times, especially in a bigger and busier practice, it can be difficult to remember who has not been in in a while. Most EHR systems allow you to pull a report of those that have not been in lately and with that report InphoniteVoice can handle the marketing to keep in touch. If that person wants to schedule an appointment right away, they can simply be transferred to a live Operator at your practice.  

Stay on their mind and they may come see you sooner rather than later. 


On my 8th day with Inphonite, my doctor said to me, “I used Intelligent Text Routing.”

Intelligent text routing is a great feature InphoniteVoice offers. When filling out paperwork, people often put their cell phone as their home number. How do you know which is a landline or which is a true cellular phone? InphoniteVoice makes this problem non-existent with Intelligent Text Routing.

Let them fill in any kind of phone number in that phone field, we’ll figure it out and send the correct message type.  


On my 9th day with Inphonite, my staff said to me, “We get free professional recordings.”

With an Elite support contract, Inphonite includes professional recordings for all of your automated calls. Of course there is always the option of text-to-speech, however, most patients prefer their calls to have a more personal feel to them. With every recording, one of our staff will guide you through your script to make sure you have the most effective message.

Choose from Male or Female voice, or if you require languages other than English, let us know.

DAY 10

On my 10th day with Inphonite, my doctor said to me, “Now I have secure text messaging.”

With InphoniteSecure you can feel safe in the knowledge that no Protected Health information will be compromised in your text messaging. InphoniteSecure is the safest way to protect your patients, and yourself from someone other than the intended recipient seeing a private text message.

With private patient access to InphoniteSecure messages, you never have to worry.

DAY 11

On my 11th day with Inphonite, my patient said to me, “That TextCard you sent was so pretty.”

Want something a little more eye-catching than a simple text or phone call? Use Inphonite TextCards. We will include your logo or photo, your name and address and the important appointment details personalized for each person.

Use these gorgeous reminders for appointments, recalls, marketing, and more!

DAY 12

On the 12th day with Inphonite, my staff said to me, “We can set up custom reporting.”

We recommend you review your Report Results regularly. Find out whether a message was sent or viewed, confirmed or cancelled. Inphonite Reports will tell you if it was an invalid phone number, a fax number and more. These results are essential to automated messaging.

Customers use these reports to update records or reschedule as needed.