What I'm Thankful for This Year

Healthcare is taken for granted by many, especially for those of us in 1st world countries. There are many people throughout the world who have very little and are not able to go to the doctor for every little sniffle that comes their way. Even in life threatening situations there are those that must walk hours, sometimes days, to a hospital to get care that they can barely afford. 

This year, when we feel under the weather, and as we gather with friends and family to start enjoying the holiday season, let’s remember those things that are important to us. I personally, am thankful for my job, health, and youth that has afforded me many opportunities in my time here. I want to take this opportunity to let our readers know that I am moving on in my life, leaving this position to move across the country and “start again,” so to speak. In my time here, I have learned many aspects of both healthcare and technology and even though by the time this article posts I will already have left Inphonite, I believe in what Inphonite does and stands for. I therefore want to remind everyone to also be thankful for the advances in technology that help us remember what is important to us. With our busy schedules, especially around the holidays, we can easily forget to do some of the most important things. Things like annual shots for our kids for instance. And who wants to go in for an annual teeth cleaning when they need to juggle that trip to Costco after work, and cooking a dinner for 20 of our closest family and friends.

Automated messaging is definitely something to be thankful for. With it, you can send notifications about your office being closed around the holidays, or because of the weather. You can remind patients to bring their kids in for those shots, or even send a New Year newsletter to all of your clients. You might also consider using automated messaging to get the message out about any holiday fundraisers you are having.

In fact, I will be the first to tell you, not only does our team endlessly test our products, Inphonite also practices what it preaches. We use our system to send out our own Quarterly Newsletter to our customers. In our newsletter, we let you know what is going on in our world, at our offices, and what is new with InphoniteVoice. We also let you in on some great tips and tricks, as well as inviting you to participate in drawings for some great prizes.

This year, from now through December, we are asking our staff to work with customers, partners and vendors alike to join our annual charity campaign by Likeing, Reviewing, and Shareing our Facebook or Twitter pages. For each impression, a donation ($1 per like, $3 per share and $5 per review) will be made by Inphonite to these charities that are close to our hearts: American Red CrossCasa de Los Niños, and Kings Kids Orphanage. In addition, those that participate will be entered to win a holiday meal from HoneyBaked Ham with a special drawing on December 15th. So, if you work with any of our team members, follow us on Social Media, or just want to make an impact in the world, join our Social Media for Charity Campaign and check us out on Facebook or Twitter.