Customer Communication Strategies to Help You During COVID-19

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The Coronavirus has taken over all media outlets. Whether you are watching TV, searching Google, or scrolling through Facebook you are bound to come across something related to the outbreak. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout the world, but it is important to remain calm and proactive with such an event.

Below we have included some communication strategies for your business during this time of uncertainty.

Customize Messaging

We have had an increase in support cases with adding phrases to each appointment reminder. These messages not only act as reminders, but inform your customers of the guidelines your business has put in place to keep both staff and clients as healthy as possible. An example may include adding, “Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, if you have a fever or cough, please reschedule your appointment until after you are fever free for at least 24 hours” or simply, “if you are experiencing symptoms such as cough or fever, please call the office” to the end of each message sent out.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence

Set up keyword actions that automatically respond to inbound messages from customers containing certain words. For example, if the words “coronavirus” “fever” or “sick” come in, the user can receive an immediate response. Every business is different, and each message can be customized to your liking. By eliminating redundant, high volume calls and messages, your staff will be able perform their everyday operations with less interruption.

Send Out Broadcast Messages

Should COVID-19 lead to a temporary closure of your business, you can send out mass messages to all of your customers alerting them of the change. Some facilities have opted with a message saying, “Due to the uncertain nature of Coronavirus, please call in ahead of time to make sure we are open and accepting customers”.

Additionally, to find out how Inphonite is preparing, see our news article: Inphonite is prepared for COVID-19.

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