Email Updates to SaaS

Art of Site

Another update so soon?! May 2019 had us working on the next awesome update that was released soon thereafter.

We are now allowing customers who are sending emails to receive their own bounce notifications. If you send an email through Inphonite and it bounces, you can setup a specific address to forward these bounced messages to. Also, if the email bounces, and you have your rules set up to do so, we’ll reach out via a different communication method, be that phone, text, or even a different email address.

We’ve updated our reports again to include several new normal and error states, so you know what is going on every step of the way. Your report will outline exactly what happened, or is happening when you run it. Some examples:

  • “Deferred” – this indicates that an email was not delivered, but will be retried

  • “Queued” – indicates that the message is queued to be processed

  • “Delivered” – means the email made it to use the user’s mail server

Our development team also snuck in another feature allowing customers to view reports via a dedicated report viewing window, still encrypted and password protected, of course.  

We hope you enjoy these new reporting features and they make your report review even more in alignment with your needs!