Goodbye MGMA 2012

Art of Site

by Carly Stewart

The booth is packed and on its way back home, the bags are returned lighter without all the giveaways and swag, and our representatives have arrived safely back home last week. Since MGMA 2012 came to a close I am left to reflect on all the hard work everyone has done to get us to San Antonio this year.  Shipments made, artwork designed, flights arranged, rooms booked, meetings scheduled, conference attended, and so much more, all of which took exceptional amounts of coordination and planning.  I have always known that Inphonite was comprised of dedicated and organized individuals but never have I been more confident in  everyone’s ability to work together to accomplish a goal. 

Needless to say, the work and effort was worth it.

MGMA not only provided a way for everyone to work together and combine our skills in an annually refreshing way. It also offered a place to meet other businesses geared towards the same markets and people who are in need of our services.  People come from all over the United States to attend the annual MGMA Conference. We met people from Florida, the Carolinas, Colorado and even as far as Washington to name a few.  People all have different needs and reasons behind coming to talk with us. Some current customers popped in to say hello to a technician they knew from their training session, some didn’t have any idea what automated messaging was, others knew exactly what they wanted from their provider, others wanted a better solution than what they were using, and our favorites: well, they just wanted to hang out and chat with us—to make that connection, to be seen as a person, not a sale. In fact, we were amused to run into some attendees at the airport and simply take a moment to chat with a familiar face. 

Typically, since we are a software company we do not often have the opportunity to meet our customers in person.  It is always a great thing to be able to put names to faces and get to know the people we work with and discuss how they could further their use of InphoniteVoice.  That is the best part of attending conferences and tradeshows, being able to connect face-to-face with current and prospective customers to understand their needs and acknowledge them for being the busy, dedicated and wonderful people they are.