Group Announcement Software

The days of the phone tree are over. If you need to relay the same information to a large group of employees, clients, or customers, team member, parents, and more, group announcement software makes it easy to contact everyone at once. Why make a dozen phone calls when a simple typed message will save you time?

Group announcement software is a versatile tool that will allow you to contact your staff, patients, or clients with ease. Keep them in the know about emergencies, unplanned situations, new products or services, and coordinated events. Don’t spend hours on the phone. Spend minutes at the desktop with Art of Chat.

Coordinating Team Events

Staff outings, training events, charity projects, and office raffles can be complicated to coordinate. Not everyone works on the same days, making it difficult to call a meeting with everyone present. Someone who has Fridays off doesn’t want to miss out on important information or office related fun simply because their schedule doesn’t allow for it.

Team building activities will help your workplace thrive. It gives co-workers an opportunity to interact and get to know each other. Understanding and communicating with the people around you while working towards a common goal will help to create the synergy necessary for a winning team.

Group announcement software keeps everyone in the loop. Is your office participating in a charity run? Are you trying to establish an employee wellness program, like group yoga or a team hike? Group announcement texts will assure that no one feels excluded simply because they weren’t present when the event was discussed.

Reporting Changes and Policy Updates

No one wants to show up to work only to discover that everything is suddenly different. That’s a bumpy start to a morning. Rules can change in an instant. If the parking lot is being re-paved or is now shared with another business, your employees need to know beforehand. If you’re moving the time clock, changing the employee entrance door, switching uniform colors, updating passwords, or changing keycards, everyone should know whether or not they are in that day.

If you’ve recently changed business or human resource policies, such as those  related to smartphone or social media use during work hours, requesting time off, or general safety protocols, your employees need a reminder about when these policies will go into effect. Everyone wants to make the workplace wonderful for everyone; they just need to know what’s going on.

Emergency Notifications Dispatched Quickly

One of the most important applications of group announcement software is its ability to notify everyone in the event of an emergency. If your place of business was vandalized, damaged by a storm, impacted by a burst pipe, or otherwise negatively impacted, you need to let your employees know as soon as possible. Don’t let them show up to work to discover the damage in real time, only to have to turn around and go back home.

Emergency group announcements can protect the health and safety of everyone in your office, including your patients. If someone tests positive for a contagious illness, a mass text will inform everyone to quarantine and stay away from the office until the situation is resolved. This is an important lesson we’ve learned throughout the pandemic. It’s always better to be cautious than to risk the safety of anyone who may walk through your doors.

You can also use these emergency notifications to let your employees, clients, and patients know the status of the situation and give them a return date or time when that information becomes available to you.

Unpredicted weather conditions can also lead to unplanned closures. If your area is dealing with a monsoon or a snowstorm and conditions are more severe than expected, you may not want your staff or your patients to jeopardize their safety during their commute. You can send out a weather closure notice and encourage everyone to stay home to stay safe..

These same notifications can be used to inform people who may have had an appointment scheduled for that day. Letting everyone know that your office or place of business won’t be able to serve them, explaining why, and assuring them they’ll be promptly contacted to reschedule their appointment as soon as the opportunity arises will give them some peace of mind.

If necessary, you can use these notifications to direct clients or patients to another office or a different building. If you have multiple locations and can keep commitments at unaffected branches or offices, let them know where to go.

Announcing New Products or Services

If your patients or clients have been eagerly waiting for a new service, a group announcement is the perfect way to let them know it has finally arrived. If you’ve received a new vaccine that most of your patients would be highly interested in, if you offer a new tooth whitening procedure, or if you have a new tool that clients or patients can use to manage their care, let them know with a blast message.

People who have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to book an appointment for a new service can quickly and easily do so in response to the blast notification. This saves your office staff a significant amount of time. Instead of calling people one by one to inform them and attempting to schedule appointments as they go, your office staff only needs to add self-requested appointments to the schedule.

Keep Everyone in the Know with The Art of Chat

Art of Chat makes communication easier for your business. It is a comprehensive solution that allows your office to automate vital communication between staff, patients and customers, or both groups. It’s never been easier to keep everyone on the same page. Send group announcements, review requests, appointment reminders, and engage with your patients or clients through two-way texting through a dedicated business phone line. Art of Chat will put more hours into your day.

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