Inclement Weather and Your Business

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In the last several weeks, we at Inphonite have seen a vast uptick in customers wanting to send Inclement Weather Notifications. Climate change discussions are everywhere. From the news, to our children’s schools, to the dinner table, and around the world, there seems to be heightened awareness. Along with this awareness is a need for solutions to help manage the impact that weather is having on businesses and practices.

Natural disasters such as fires, floods, and winds are only escalating. Is your business prepared for the unexpected? Below we’ve put together our list of essentials for business planning in these uncertain times.

Use the Cloud

Hosting and using products and services in the cloud allow employees to work from home and has the ability to have backups that you don’t need to think about. Not only do cloud-based businesses have higher performance levels, but it proves to have a strategic competitive advantage over your competitors. It’s a no-brainer for piece of mind and any last-minute emergency.

Utilize Mobile Apps

Send messages to any and all clients and patients on the calendar letting them know your office is closed due to weather. You don’t even need a PC with the InphoniteVoice Mobile App. So, if your internet is out because of wind, you can still let people know you care. Speaking from experience, I would rather be notified ahead of time than to go out in a storm only to find the doors are locked and the business is closed. Proactively closing up shop and cancelling your appointments is just the nice thing to do!

Use a Chat App

Need to send a quick message? Most business people don’t want to use their personal cell phone to text with clients or patients. With Art of Chat™ for instance, you can login and text using your business number. So, go ahead, text about the weather or anything else, feel free to cancel appointments, and reschedule anytime you or your customers need to.

When it comes to inclement weather, your messages need to get through the wind, rain, sleet and snow and with Inphonite we use the power of the cloud to make that happen!  

Another successful year has been made memorable by engaging customers such as you! Upon logging in to Art of Chat you will be greeted by the choice between a $5 Amazon, Apple, or Starbucks gift card. Please accept this gesture of our gratitude for your continued support.

Thank you so much. We wish you great success in the New Year.

Best Wishes,

The Inphonite Team