Make use of Inphonite services throughout your Hospital

Regular appointment reminders for patients, thoughtfully spaced apart, can prevent missed visits. They play a crucial role in keeping patients healthy and your hospital thriving!


The fast paced environment of a hospital requires that all staff members be ready to spring into action and all technology must work quickly and efficiently. Emergency situations call for a reliable way to make sure that all people involved are made aware of vital information.

Hospitals using InphoniteVoice to send their Emergency Notifications can be sure that the message is delivered in a safe and timely matter. Thousands of messages can be delivered per hour and can be prerecorded or created on the fly.

We understand the importance of being able to customize messages in a place as busy as a hospital, which is why InphoniteVoice utilizes a text to speech engine, can send messages in multiple languages and can be sent in a variety of ways.

Help Keep Your Patients' Health Journey on Track

From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, our automated appointment reminder system ensures that patients receive prompt notifications.


Maximize the productivity of your workplace


Revolutionize your outreach with automation


Streamline front office workflows

Using Inphonite can simplify the running of your business

Let us help you realise the benefits of using our service


Improve patient satisfaction

Utilize timely reminders to ensure patients feel valued and never miss their appointments.


Reduce administrative burnout

Automate Appointment Reminders to Focus on Patient Care


Simplify and automate workflows

Enhance office efficiency with tailored reminder services designed for your practice’s unique workflow needs

Increase your earnings, not your missed appointments

Let Inphonite revolutionize the converstions you are having with your customers.

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