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I am having a bad day. My hair is a wreck. I tripped up the stairs. My monitor is on the fritz and my coffee date canceled. So I went out to lunch and I came back and blew bubbles. This got me thinking…

Gregory, a colleague, was chosen for Federal Jury Duty. He was gone for several weeks. One employee thought it would be fun to put “caution tape” in Greg’s office. What started out as a small idea blew up into a full blown crime scene, and at the center of it, the President of Inphonite lay “dead.”


A “news article” posted on the office door stated:

TUCSON, ARIZONA—President of Inphonite found dead Thursday morning near Grant and Tanque Verde. An employee who found the body at the scene stated, “she used to nap there when she was pregnant so I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed the mess around her.” Coroners on the scene are dumbfounded by all the evidence. “There are several weapons and bullet casings here and yet no blood, we will need to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death.” A quick check of employment records shows one employee that seems to have disappeared recently could have something to do with this crime. A request is being made to the FBI for assistance in locating this suspect.

Everyone deserves a little downtime and here at Inphonite we take that to heart. The sense of camaraderie among the employees was off the charts while creating this practical joke on Gregory.

The President is often at the head of these types of shenanigans, encouraging the employees to embrace a bit of their playfulness. One time while working from home she discovered that the office was empty except for one lone receptionist. She told the receptionist to, “think outside the box: you are there alone, rearrange everyone’s office or hide their staplers or something while they are all away.” The next day people discovered they all had someone else’s desk chair. Watching the chaos ensue as everyone walked down the hallways rolling a desk chair trying to return it to its rightful owner and find their own chair in the process was gut-wrenchingly comical.

At Inphonite we are encouraged in stress release. Sometimes a simple game of darts in the break room will erupt in laughter and cheering heard throughout the building. Other times, the noise of a Nerf gun war will be deafening as employees team up and run from office to office hiding beneath desks, around corners and even shoot from over cubicle walls.

Food is also a large part of Inphonite culture. Very often we gather for potluck lunches. The scent of the amazing food can be smelled one floor down and all too often other tenants in the building will ask us, “what’s cooking?” In fact, any time the owners are on vacation, we have a barbeque including steak made to order. Quarterly meetings bring feasts from different restaurants all over town and monthly recognitions and birthday celebrations include the best in desserts. Additionally on other days employees bring fresh fruit from their backyards, doughnuts, muffins, chips and salsa. In fact, most days the Inphonite break room is sporting some piece of yumminess. 

The little prank in Gregory’s office led to Inphonite Management deciding to reimburse employees if they want to participate in the, “decorate your office for Halloween” contest.

I just came back from Target and couldn’t find the Halloween items I was hoping for. After this morning that was the final straw. So when I got back from lunch and decided to blow bubbles to lift my spirits, it wasn’t just okay. It was encouraged. 

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