Inphonite is Crazy about Health


By Christine Tosi


Today I want to take a moment to talk about health. General health. I am currently writing this blog from my fabulous treadmill desk in my home. I am absolutely addicted to this thing. The problem is, I am really bad at using the mouse. I am however, a very adept typist and can therefore type at pretty close to my maximum speed and not have issue.

Why do I mention this? Well, it has to do with my own personal general health and as one of the leading companies supplying software within the health industry, I think you should know that the level of awareness that we have for health within our Company and employees is… well, it’s just great.

For instance, we have supplied more than ordinary health care for our employees for years. We take the stance that if you want to be healthy, we want to help you get there. We allow our employees to pick their own insurance plans and then we reimburse them for whatever plan they choose. On top of that, we have “Biggest Loser” contests through the year, challenging and encouraging each other to lose a little more weight, go to the gym or even just take a walk along our lovely multiuse path outside our doors. Finally, we’ve offered gym membership to our employees. So yes, anytime you walk into the gym you can find several Inphonite employees working out, spotting each other, and bettering their health.

I think over the last three years most Inphonite Employees can attest to better health all around. Personally, I’m anxious to bring standing desks and treadmill desks into the office. The rest of the staff, well, as usual, they think I’m a little bit crazy, but I’m told… in a good 


Photo taken by 9 year old daughter, Aryana Tosi

Photo taken by 9 year old daughter, Aryana Tosi