Inphonite is prepared for COVID-19


Here at Inphonite we have taken several security measures ensuring both our staff and customers remain as healthy as possible and operations are uninterrupted during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Below, we have outlined the three main areas of focus to ensure continued service delivery during this event:

·         Location – Where will physical operations take place?

·         Systems – How will InphoniteVoice be impacted?

·         Staff – How are we ensuring the safety of our employees?


The physical location of Inphonite does not have an impact on everyday operations. Should COVID-19 lead to temporary closure at our Arizona headquarters, all Inphonite employees have the ability to work remotely. In line with best practice security measures we have granted only key employees access to the servers and messaging campaigns.


There are no known impacts to the InphoniteVoice service. Being a cloud-based business, all operations should remain running throughout this event. We have assigned an adequate number of administrators to ensure continual support and security measures for our clients.


Our employee’s health is of top priority. Every employee has the ability to work remotely when the time comes. Following the CDC’s Guidelines Inphonite highly encourages employees to stay home when sick, performs daily environmental cleanings, and offers customized, flexible plans for individuals on a case-by-case basis.


Want to learn more? Check out Customer Communication Strategies for COVID-19 for more ways to prepare.